Our Team

Prof. Dr. Thomas Otter

Thomas Otter is an academic affiliate to RCS. A recognized expert in statistical methods, Thomas Otter has published frequently in peer-reviewed journals. Amongst other, he has intensively worked on the development and application of conjoint analysis and sits on the editorial boards of numerous academic journals, including Marketing Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, and the International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Academic Career

  • Master in Business Administration at University of Vienna
  • Dissertation and Habilitation in Economics and Business Administration
  • Professor of Marketing at Goethe University Frankfurt, before that Professor of Marketing at Ohio State University and University of California

Current Publications

  • Kosyakova, T., Misra, S., Neuerburg, C., Otter, T. (2020). Exact MCMC for Choices from Menus – Measuring Substitution and Complementarity Among Menu Items, Marketing Science.
  • Hinz, O., Otter, T., Skiera, B. (2020). Estimating Network Effects in Two-Sided Markets, Journal of Management Information Systems.
  • Otter, T. (2019). A Note on Confidence Intervals and Model Specification, Marketing ZFP.