Our Team


Prof. Dr. Roman Inderst

Roman Inderst has been advising public and private sector clients for more than twenty years on issues related to competition economics and financial markets. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and has received numerous grants and awards (including the prestigious Leibniz Prize). His current research explores methods that can be adopted by competition authorities to measure the sustainability preferences of households. Roman Inderst has served as an expert witness for private parties, courts, and in arbitration. He is an academic affiliate to RCS.

Academic Career

  • Bachelor and Master in Sociology, Business Administration and Economics in Germany and UK
  • Dissertation and Habilitation in Economics
  • Professor of Economics and Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt, before that full Professor of Economics and Finance at London School of Economics und Professor of Finance at INSEAD/France

Current Publications

  • Inderst, R., Sartzetakis , E., Xepapadeas , A. (2021). Technical Report on Sustainability and Competition.
  • Inderst, R., Thomas, S. (2020). Reflective Willingness to Pay: Preferences for Sustainable Consumption in a Consumer Welfare Analysis. SSRN ID 3755806.
  • Boenisch, P., Inderst, R. (2020). Zur Interpretation empirischer Evidenz vor Gericht: Missverständnisse und mögliche Lösungen, Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht.