Our Team


Dr. Raphael Kuhlmann

An economic consultant since 2015, Raphael Kuhlmann has gained his first experience at the London office of an international economic consultancy. He holds a Master’s degree from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. In his dissertation Raphael Kuhlmann has applied and compared various structural empirical models of Industrial Organization, notably with respect to their forecasting performance. He is currently interested in applying and further developing empirical models for the estimation of cost pass-through.

Academic Career

  • Bachelor in Economics at University of St. Gallen
  • Master in Economics at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics


  • Kuhlmann, R. (2020). Estimating Counterfactuals as a Test of Structural Models: The Case of the German Coffee Cartel. SSRN ID 3774078.
  • Inderst, R., Kotschedoff, M., Kuhlmann, R. (2020). Cartel Damage Mitigation from Retailers’ Store Brands. SSRN ID 3484746.
  • Kuhlmann, R. (2020). Pass-Through in a Model of Sales.